Friday, October 1, 2010

Peeve of the week

So I think Friday will be my pet peeve of the week post. After a full week of annoying brides calling me at all hours (and I do mean all hours) I have plenty of pent up rage.

This week's peeve:

Super unique bride...just like everybody else.

Yes, I hear it everyday, "I want my dress to look different, you know?" or "I just don't want to look like the typical bride."
Well, you are wearing an ivory strapless gown from a national designer and most people don't catch the subtle nuances of one cream puff over another. You want to look different? How about a crimson dress of pleated organza that looks like something molded onto your body, in other words "art", or how about a restored vintage dress from the 20's that feels more like a museum piece, or hell even a tea length skirt with some seamed-back hose and fabulous shoes? No? You feel more like a bride in your mermaid, strapless, taffeta white gown with a train? Well then you're going to look like a "typical" bride.

Here's a little secret for you. Lean in close so the internets can't all hear. Do you know why wedding dress styles change around every 6 years or so (ballgown for a while, then lace for a while, then pleated, and so on)? Because something becomes popular, then in an effort to look "different" a bride chooses a silhouette that is almost the opposite. Other brides see this and decide it's different, so they do the same thing. After 2 seasons of this the "new" style is now the "popular" style and then the "boring" style. Lather, rinse, repeat. Everyone wants to stand out, but no one has the guts to do something daring, so you all look the same. Deal with it.