Monday, July 5, 2010

Not dead

But a certain bride is about to be. The short version is that a bride came to me asking me to recreate a designer dress. I agreed to do it and all happiness left me that day. We've had several fittings where she is fine with things and then the next day I receive an email listing out all the problems she has with the dress, most of which I already talked to her about at the aforementioned fitting.
I thought we were good, but the last week she has gone insane. All of a sudden she decided that she wasn't sure about the color of the dress. Well, kitten, I'm afraid that it isn't possible to take a giant silk gown and chuck it in a dye vat. Most recently she wanted to see if the ~200+ yards of ruffling could magically be gathered more tightly. Long story short, she is now deciding whether she wants me to remake the entire skirt. I wonder if any fast food places are hiring...


  1. Changing the color of the dress at this point??Pure craziness. Did she pre-pay? If not, maybe sell the dress and quit answering her phone calls! Crazy brides!

  2. Are these zillas required to pay any money up front for this ridiculous parade of retardation???

  3. They are! And you can deep fry wedding dresses there!


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