Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And so it begins

"I don't know how you can deal with brides everyday!"

This is a phrase I hear all too often. I have been working for some time as a seamstress primarily working on wedding gowns. Honestly, it's not the most horrible gig in the world. I work from home (in my p.j.s most days), make decent money, set my own hours, and, oh yeah, get to deal with some of the craziest people on the planet (and their moms!). Hmm...why do I do it? Meh, who cares. At least I get some entertaining stories out of it, and, by extension, so do you.

Where to begin. How about we keep it fairly tame for this intro post. This happened fairly recently and is still extremely odd to me. I had a first fitting with this bride the day before and she was rather picky, but not awful. Honestly, how many times do I need to pin the bustle for you to feel at peace with it? We finished up, set up a pickup appointment, and all was well. For that day. The next day (sunday-my day off) my phone rang at 9 am and guess who it is. Here is a basic transcript of the conversation (for a written copy send a self addressed envelope to Pueblo, Colorado!):

Her: Hi, I was just calling because I just had a nightmare last night that the hem on my dress ended up being too short.

Me: Um...ok...

Her: Yeah, so I think we should make it longer than what you marked yesterday.

Me: Well, I can do that if you like, but I marked it to just above the ground and it really should be fine.

Her: I know, it's just in my dream it was really too short, so I think we should move it just to be safe.

Me: *getting a strained neck from how hard I'm rolling my eyes* You got it. I will do it a little longer than what is marked.

Her: Good! Thanks!

Don't you hate it when people insist on telling you about their dreams? Seriously, though, why would you phrase it like that? She could have just told me she had decided she wanted it longer, but she feels the need to tell me it's because of a dream?
Brides are crazy and there is the proof.


  1. I base my life on dreams, DON"T YOU!?! *awesome*

  2. I had this dream that I was missing an arm... so yeah, I'm thinking that the one shoulder ottoman dress needs to have a strap on the other side. I mean, you know, just in case I lose my arm before I get married. I dreamt it so it must be true!

  3. This blog looks promising...

    Alright, Sewing Slave, let's see what kind of crazy you got!



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