Thursday, May 20, 2010

Broke the tether for a moment!

Yes, once again I have been too busy with "bridal emergencies" to do any posting. Still am, frankly, but I am sick of brides and their attitude that all possible moments must belong to them. Before the dogs sniff me out and make me work some more, I do have a story.
I had a bride who needed extensive work done to her dress. Typically, I request 3 weeks to do alterations, but can do it faster if need be. Operative word being NEED. This bride "needed" her dress done in about 9 days because she was going to be doing bridal photos (which are lame) by a certain date. I was already annoyed because I told her that wouldn't really fit in with my schedule and she would have to have bridals pushed back. After much insisting on her part, I relented (gah!) and said I could have it done in about 11 days.
I busted my ass, even staying up until 3 a.m. the night before so her dress would be done and ready. That day she shows up for her fitting and is thrilled with the dress. Good. I tell her the amount and ask if it will be cash or check. Then the following exchange happens:

Her: Oh, I forgot my checkbook.
Me: Well there is a bank just down the road. I'll wait.
Her: Well the dress isn't fully paid for yet, even.
Me: I am aware of that and you will have to settle that with the shop owner, but I am separate from her and you'll need to settle your bill with us both before the dress can go with you.
Her: Oh, I wouldn't dream of taking the dress before it was fully paid for! Besides*, I don't need it for another 2 weeks.

Then my head exploded. She had rescheduled her bridals and didn't bother to tell me. 3 a.m. people. 3 A.M.! Brides, this is why people hate you. You treat everyone like little peons that should hup-to in order for you to have your perfect day and screw them if they want to try to have a life outside of your butter cream-covered sparkle world of mystical wonder.

Crap. Now I want cake. And sleep.

* Yes, she said besides. I hate idiots.


  1. I am completely and utterly speechless.

  2. Wow. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.


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