Monday, April 19, 2010

Gonna cut a bitch

A couple apologies, first of all.
Sorry for the swearing if you're offended by that sort of thing. Personally, I feel all words have a time and a place. If, by the end of this, you feel I still shouldn't use such unladylike terms then perhaps this just isn't the blog for you.

Also sorry for the extremely long delay in posting. Seriously, I have no intention of getting so bogged down again.

Finally, I apologize in advance that today's post is going to be rather short. I will have more excitement in the coming days, including making fun of dresses.

So why am I going to cut something other than fabric (i.e. a bitch)? Oh how happy I am that you asked! Aside from having about 7 dresses to complete in 5 days because brides are idiots resulting in 12-16 hour work days, I also had a death in the family. Since nothing can be without a bride deciding she is the center of the universe, I present you the following tale.

At her second to last fitting, I had known about the death for roughly 2 hours. It wasn't sudden or unexpected, but it was sucky. My husband had been sent home from work and I would much rather have been with him. I was stuck with four fittings including the bride in question. While setting up a pickup time I informed her that I didn't know if the funeral was going to be Monday or Tuesday and could we set it up after I knew. She wasn't really having that since she was flying out and wanted her dress before then. She isn't getting married until July. She informed me that "Funerals don't last all day, so we can do the fitting in the evening, right?"

I should have told her to go to hell and spit on her dress, but I wasn't even prepared for someone to say such a thing, so I just nodded while I tried to find the ctrl-alt-del combo for my brain.

Since I am nice, I crammed her dress in with the other work and stayed up until about 1 a.m. to finish it in time for her. Her final fitting was today and guess what...her plans have changed and she doesn't need it yet, so she'll just swing by and pick it up on Friday or something. Bitch.


  1. whoa. I am so sorry. Uhm, cutting would be the least of my threats to that woman. pitiful..

  2. I love all the swears! They make the story. Keep em comin.


  3. People totally suck! On the day of my dads funeral I had a sister of the bride call and yell at me because the funeral ran long and I wasn't there to give her her sisters flip flops for the wedding 2 weeks away. She just had to have them that day, any other time just wasn't good for her. I yelled at her and said well I'll make sure that the next person in my family dies at a time that's convenient for you. Bitch!!


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